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Routine Wellness Screening

Routine wellness screening is not-so-secret code for "don't bring your pet in only when there is a problem."

Our pets can't speak so they can't tell us when something isn't right.   Research has proven that all animals hide signs of illness.  This is a genetic survival instinct stemming from when they were pack animals.

For these reasons it is important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian regularly.  A yearly physical exam (which include a thorough history from you) and screening blood tests give us the best chance of catching an illness early so that we can provide early intervention.  The earlier a serious disease is discovered and treated, the better the long-term prognosis.

What do lab tests tell us

Chemistry - a routine blood chemistry tells us about blood sugar, blood proteins, liver and kidney function, and electrolyte balances

CBC - a complete blood count tells us the number and breakdown of white and red blood cells as well as platelets

Urinalysis - Checks the concentration, pH and for the presence of: sugar, blood, white blood cells, protein, crystals