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If you're a new pet parent, chances are you're exploring veterinary specialists and animal care options near you. At Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital, we're proud to provide high-quality pet care in Walker Valley, NY, and the surrounding areas! Our team of vet techs, customer care team, and veterinarian are here to offer pet medical services for your cat or dog! We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have around pet care, offer treatment options, and keep your pet healthy and happy. 

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What are Pet Medical Services?

Some pet parents might not be aware of just how crucial pet care is. Have you ever visited your primary care doctor for your yearly physical exam? Just like you need to visit the doctor at least once a year, it's vital you seek pet medical services for your pet at least once a year or more. Certain breeds, pets born with genetic defects, and those undergoing a serious illness or injury should also get help for pet medical services before the year's end.

How a Veterinarian Can Help

When you bring your pets in for a visit, a veterinarian will examine your pets from nose to nail, taking note of any abnormalities and checking for proper functioning along the way. Physical exams are just one key element of pet medical services, and they can reveal a lot about your pets’ physical health and if they have underlying medical issues.

In addition to physical exams, our veterinarian will also conduct pet diagnostics and laboratory exams to make an accurate diagnosis and get your pet started on any treatment. For instance, if you're worried about your pets being more lethargic than usual, having changes in appetite, or simply not acting like themselves, we'll conduct lab work and testing to ensure nothing is out of range. Bloodwork, x-rays, fecal tests, and physical exams can all paint a picture on your pets’ health.

Treatment for Pets

Lastly, our pet medical services also include various treatment options to keep your pets healthy. From routine vaccines to ward off diseases, tick and flea treatment to prevent skin issues, and medications to help with pain, we'll find a treatment option that works for you and your pets. You can always ask our veterinarian for any advice and lifestyle changes as well.

Get Your Pet Top-Tier Medical Care in Walker Valley, NY

At Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to get your pets the best medical services possible so they can live a long, happy, and comfortable life! Don't wait for the year's end to get your pet the medical care they need. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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