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We are happy to provide the option to have all of your pet's medication shipped directly to you.

  • Our online pharmacy prices are comparable to all of the major online veterinary sites.
  • Free shipping on all autoship — have your prescription diets and long term medications shipped automatically so you never have to remember to call us for a refill.  We will authorize all of your refills online.
  • These medications come right from the manufacturer - no more worrying that your medication may have come from a foreign country or might not be the real thing.
  • Your pet's prescription is linked to your pet's medical record here at Walker Valley Vet and we will approve your request online within 24 hours. Having your pet's online prescription linked to their medical records will help us maintain the highest standard of care for your pet.
    If you are already using an online pharmacy we kindly ask that you take a minute to visit and register HERE. Switching to our easy, affordable, online pharmacy will be more convenient and save you money.
    We will still carry the medications needed to treat your pet at the time of your visit at Walker Valley Vet, but we strongly recommend that you also shop our online pharmacy for flea/tick, heartworm preventatives, prescription diets, and any long-term medications.

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