Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy

When we have a pet, we love them like a family member. Part of our responsibility as pet owners is to care for our pets’ health. If you live in the Walker Valley area and you’re looking for a veterinarian near you, we encourage you to visit us at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital. We have been caring for area pets since we opened in 2002.

Cold Laser Therapy

About Cold Laser Therapy

If your pet is experiencing chronic pain or has a wound that needs to heal, our vet may use one of our new therapies, cold laser treatment. These treatments use a handheld device to apply low-level light to the pet’s soft tissues, which increases circulation in that area. Cold laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation.

When a pet is injured or has a wound, the immune system generally sends fluids and white blood cells to that area in a process known as inflammation. When a laser is applied to the pet’s body, it can reach the soft tissue and be changed into usable energy within the cell. That energy will initiate the release of chemicals within the pet’s body that are typically used for growth, healing, and cell renewal.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Cold laser therapy can further speed up the healing process and relieve the swelling that typically accompanies inflammation. During the use of the laser, endorphins (chemicals that produce a pleasurable sensation) are released, and the pet’s muscles relax. Muscle relaxation can reduce pain and allow the pet to move more easily.

Another effect of the cold laser is to widen the diameter of the pet’s veins. This widening (called vasodilation) allows oxygen and healing chemicals to reach the site of the pain or wound. Cold lasers are also frequently used after surgery to allow the pet to heal more quickly from the surgical procedure.

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