Emergency Care

Why You Should Get Emergency Care From an 

Integrative Vet

When your pet is sick, you want an emergency vet who cares. Someone who is just worried about a check and not the true well-being of your animal is not someone you want to turn to. At Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in NY our integrative team cares for your pets as if they were our own.


An Integrative Vet Combines Both Allopathic and Holistic Methods of Treatment

A holistic approach to health utilizes natural treatment options first if they are applicable. The goal is to get your pet feeling better through diet, lifestyle changes and healthy habits rather than prescription medication. An allopathic vet uses medicine and surgery to treat animals. This is sometimes necessary and can be life-saving. By combining these two practices we are able to achieve a higher level of health long term yet are able to take care of emergencies with medicine and surgery if necessary.

Services Offered

Our integrative vets offers various services, including:

  • • Wellness screening
  • • Diagnostic imaging (Digital X-rays, Abdominal Ultrasound and Echocardiography)
  • • Immediate in-house bloodwork results (including Chemistry, CBC, Urinalysis)
  • • Tick borne disease testing and treatment
  • • Vaccinations and Vaccine titers
  • • Flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite control
  • • Nutrition consultations
  • • High level dentistry
  • • Surgery
  • • Genetic testing

Integrative Vet Services in Walker Valley, NY

When searching for a veterinarian near me, consider Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital. Our integrative approach to health ensures your pet is thoroughly and effectively cared for. In the event of an emergency, we offer emergency vet services – be sure to call the office before coming in. Contact Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital at (845) 744-8605 .

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