Pet Dental Care FAQs

Making sure your pet has good oral hygiene is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Pet dental issues can lead to severe health issues if they are not addressed. At Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in Walker Valley, NY, our veterinarian provides a variety of pet dental services, including checkups and teeth cleanings. We will also show you how to care for your pet’s teeth at home. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet dental care.  

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Why do pets need dental care?

While cats and dogs don't get cavities like people do, they can suffer from periodontal disease. Plaque builds up on their teeth, hardens, and becomes tartar. This can cause gum inflammation, known as gingivitis. This can lead to loose teeth, which will eventually fall out. This illness is painful and dangerous for pets. Left untreated, bacteria can enter your pet’s bloodstream and damage organs.

Do I need to brush my pet's teeth at home?

If you want to keep your pet's teeth healthy, proper dental care is vital. This begins with brushing your pet’s teeth at home. Some animals are less resistant to the process than others. The younger they are when you start brushing their teeth, the better. Choose a brush and toothpaste designed specifically for the type of animal you are using it on. It may take a while for your pet to get used to the idea of getting its teeth brushed. 

How often do dogs and cats need their teeth professionally cleaned?

For most pets, it can be anywhere from every six months to every two years. Our veterinarian will examine your pet’s teeth at an annual exam. Depending on the condition of its teeth, we will make recommendations for how often they need to be professionally cleaned. 

What is involved in a professional pet dental cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is done under general anesthesia. This is done for both the safety of the pet and our veterinarian. The teeth will be scaled, which removes plaque and tartar. The teeth are then polished to make them less likely to attract more plaque and tartar. 

What happens if I don't get professional teeth cleaning for my pet? 

If your pet has tartar buildup under the gum line, it is more likely to develop gum disease. This can then spread to other parts of the body, affecting vital organs and leading to a shorter life expectancy. Once your pet has gum disease, professional teeth cleaning is important and life-saving. 

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Dental care is vital in keeping your pet healthy. At Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in Walker Valley, NY, our veterinarian provides teeth cleanings, exams, procedures, and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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