Importance of Microchipping

Importance of Microchipping

Pets are much more than just pets. They are friends, guardians of their humans, and cuddly companions on rough days. As they brighten so many people’s lives, losing them can be a traumatic experience. The good news is that pet microchipping can help. If you are looking for pet microchipping, our team at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in Walker Valley, NY, is here to help with a “veterinarian near me”.

Microchips Come with a Unique Identifying Number

Your pet will get his own identification number. This number is connected to your contact and identification information, which is stored in a database. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone being able to claim your pet as their own and you can be contacted if something goes wrong.

You Get a Call if Your Pet Is Found

Let’s face it – pets can be some crafty escape artists. Even with your best efforts, your beloved friend might end up lost or hurt. When this does happen, you certainly want to know.

If your pet is found by authorities or taken to a “veterinarian near me,” it can be scanned for a microchip. You’ll then be notified so that you can reunite with your pet.

It Helps Your Pet Stay Safe

Microchipping doesn’t just benefit you as the pet owner. It also benefits your pet. Imagine your pet is wandering around your yard one day but gets frightened by lightning. That fear leads your pet to run. It runs until it’s so far from home, it no longer knows which way to turn. Now it’s scared and missing its home. If it's microchipped, there is a much higher chance of it getting back to you.

They’re Fast and Painless

A microchip will not cause your pet pain after it’s inserted. In fact, your pet will not even realize it’s there. It can also be inserted during routine exams, so you don’t need an additional appointment.

Get Routine Exams and Pet Microchipping from a Veterinarian

From routine exams to microchipping and other services, our team at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in Walker Valley, NY, is here for you and your pet. Call (845) 744-8605 to schedule your appointment today with a “veterinarian near me.”

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