How To Care For Your Senior Pet

How to Care for Your Senior Pet

If you live in the Walker Valley, NY, area and have been searching for a “veterinarian near me” then we at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital invites you to visit. From the youngest of the litter to our long-time friends and ageing pets our veterinary team can help with all your pet care needs.

Tips to Care for Aging Pets

There are many simple things pet owners can do to help care for their aging pets. Here are a few of the most common tips to help you better care for your aging pet:

Routine Exams

From weakened immune systems to other aging-related problems, regular vet check-ups are always a good idea when caring for older pets so you can detect problems early.


It is important to be aware of what type of food you are feeding your pets. In addition to age-appropriate food blends, consider a softer food and even raising the food dish for older dogs. Simple steps like these can make mealtime more enjoyable and easier for our furry friends.


Pet might not play like they used to but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong, only that our pets are getting older. They should, however, get in some daily activity. Even a walk or thirty minutes in the park or playing with them will help them be happier and healthier.

Get Routine Exams from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team for Aging Pets

If you have an aging pet and have done a “veterinarian near me” search, bring your pet to our professional team at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital in Walker Valley, NY. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment today. Call us at (845) 744-8605 for routine exams from a veterinarian near you. We are here to help.

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