Pet Echocardiograms

Pet Echocardiograms at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital

Your pet's heart health is important to his overall wellness. If you suspect that your furry animal is having issues with his cardiovascular system, you can bring him to Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital, serving the Pinebush and Ellenville, NY, region, to get him checked out with a pet echocardiogram.

What is a Pet Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a non-invasive and painless procedure that uses ultrasound technology to view the heart and the way it's functioning. A veterinarian utilizes this state-of-the-art equipment to look for abnormalities in the heart, such as heart muscle disease, cardiac tumors, heartworm disease, pericardial effusion, and so on.

When a Pet Needs an Echocardiogram

Your pet will need this test done if a veterinarian suspects your animal has signs of heart disease, has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, or is having symptoms of unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting spells, chest pain, or a fever. An echocardiogram can reveal details of the functions of the heart and what ailment is causing issues for your pet.

Why Choose Us for Pet Echocardiograms?

We are pleased to be able to offer in-house cardiology consults including echocardiography by a board certified veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Jean-Paul Petrie, DVM, DACVIM. Dr. Petrie was a staff cardiologist in the department of medicine at The Animal Medical Center in New York City, where he was employed for almost 11 years. Dr. Petrie completed his DVM degree at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in 1994. Following veterinary school, he completed his internship at Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Southfield, Michigan. Prior to completing his residency, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cardiac physiology and interventional cardiology at the Robarts Research Institute, University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Petrie traveled to New York to complete his residency in veterinary cardiology at The Animal Medical Center in 1996. He is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Cardiology since 1999. Jean-Paul has a specific interest in echocardiography and feline cardiomyopathies. He continues to lecture both nationally and internationally. Dr. Petrie continues to be actively involved in clinical research projects and has published several articles and book chapters while continuing to be active in this aspect of his career.

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Our talented veterinarians, Dr. Christine Barnhorst, Dr. Kate Lucas, Dr. Barbara MacMullen, and Dr. Jean-Paul Petrie at Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital are here to help. We serve Pinebush and Ellenville, NY. Call 845-744-8605.

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