Questions to Ask Before Pet Surgery

When your pet is scheduled for surgery, it’s normal to be nervous about the whole experience. However, the more you know about pet surgery, the less anxious you become. Has your vet recommended surgery for your pet in Walker Valley, NY? Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital has prepared a set of questions to ask before your pet’s surgical procedure.

What’s the diagnosis?

This is obvious, but some pet parents aren’t keen to understand why their pets need surgery. Ask your veterinarian about the diagnosis of your pet. Please write down the condition for future reference.

Are there other treatment options?

In most cases, surgery is always recommended when it’s the best option available. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask your vet whether other treatment options are available. Go through the cons and pros of each treatment before concluding surgery is the way to go.

What are the complications and risks of surgery?

Every surgery has risks, even if it’s as simple as a spaying or neutering procedure. Some procedures bear more risks than others. Nevertheless, ask your vet about the potential risks of the surgery. Your veterinarian will inform you about all the would-be risks and complications so that you know what you are getting you and your pet into.

How can I prepare my pet for surgery?

What should you do or not do a day before the surgery? Pet owners are often advised to avoid feeding their animals solid foods 24 hours before surgery. Before surgery, your veterinarian will provide a detailed list of how to prepare your pet for surgery and how to make your home a safe space for recovery.

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